This page has been neglected, but WILL be updated soon. Or at least soonish.

4/19/14 Scrambled Egg 5k in Redmond 32:07
3/23/14 Mercer Island Half Marathon on Mercer Island 2:30
3/2/14 Hot Chocolate 15k (with Red) in Seattle 1:40:34
2/8/14 Love ’em or Leave ’em 5k at Greenlake 30:00
1/25/14 The Rain Run Half Marathon (with Red) in Redmond 2:17:28!
12/07/13 Christmas Rush 5k (with Red) in Kent 31:14:01
12/01/13 Hot Buttered Run 12K in Vancouver 1:37:21
11/10/13 Myrtle Edwards 10k #3 1:03:48
11/3/13  Rivalry Clash 5k (with Red) in Portland 30:09
10/19/13 Arlington Run for Hope 5k in Arlington 29:19:43
10/13/13 Myrtle Edwards 10k #2 1:04
9/15/13 Myrtle Edwards 10k in Seattle (1st of 3) 1:09:36
8/10/13 Cosmo 7k in Vancouver 48:00
7/13/13  Cornucopia Days Fun Run 5k (with Red) in Kent  32:21
6/08/13 Superhero 5k (with Kyle) in Redmond
5/12/13 Run Like A Mother 5k (with Red) in Seattle 31:49
4/27/13 FUMC Color Run 5k in Kent (not timed)
3/30/13 FIRST RACE – Scrambled Egg 5k in Redmond 32:07


5/11/14 Run Like A Mother 5k (with Red)

5/18/14 Rock’N’Roll Half Marathon in Portland

5/25/14 Emerald City Run 15k in Fremont (with my work)

6/8/14 The Dirty Half in Bend, Oregon (with Red, my brother, sister-in-law, and sister!)

6/21/13 Rock’N’Roll Half Marathon in Seattle

8/9/14 Cosmo 7k in Vancouver

9/21/14 Beat the Blerch 10k in Carnation

CONTEMPLATING (which means I need to start playing the lotto to pay for races):
You can also see my up-to-date wish/registered list here. Set up your own account on Gametiime – it’s a great place to find (and keep track of) races near and far, any distance!


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