A sunburn in December? WT…?

My guy worked today (yes, it’s Sunday) and even though I woke up when he left just before 8am, and made coffee, I crawled right back into bed and stayed there until almost 11am. I realized I needed to get my rear in gear and get in that 8 miler, but holy crap Batman, I needed to get intimate with the foam roller big time first.

Once done, I made my favorite protein shake (16oz plain almond milk, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 2T natural peanut butter, banana and 6 or 7 ice cubes – toss into the ninja blender and whirl) and got my running duds on. Today was 38° so I went for the 3/4 length wind blocking Nike pants, a Road Runner tank, an Athleta 3/4 zip front long sleeve, and my Under Armour beanie. Anything over 2 miles or so and I grab my New Balance 1080 shoes (my Asics Gel Cumulus 14’s are older, but the NB’s are catching up quickly).

My goal had been to grab Red and talk her into Lake Youngs (9.18 mi), but we decided to do Soos Creek Trail instead since to be completely honest, neither of us felt like doing a bunch of hills (but we are commuted to it for next week).

20131229-220522.jpg Guess there were still some hills.

Our run was uneventful, which I like because Thanksgiving I strained my calf on this trail. We started at one end of the trail and went farther than I’ve gone before, I liked that sense of accomplishment. At 6.55 mi, I let Red know we were half way there. She got it right away and groaned at me – half of a half marathon. We can sooooo do that! On the last 1/4 mile, we passed a gal running the opposite way, she said “way to go!” and gave us high fives! That rocked – I need to remember to do that for someone else sometime.

It was a great run and we both felt like we could have kept going the other 5 miles, but we were thirsty so we were glad we didn’t have to.

After we got in the car to drive home my face felt ‘tender’. Red said I was just cooling down. Yeah, nope. Still that way tonight. Guess who got sunburned? In the PAC NW. In December! I wear face lotion with SPF15, this isn’t supposed to happen.

But I kinda like it.


Best of 2013

My memory isn’t the best. When my kids were young, and in trouble, I frequently had to say/yell “hey YOU, stop…” because I just couldn’t quite put their name on my tongue at that precise moment. And it’s not like I didn’t know it, I picked it!

Anyway, 2013 is my very first running year. Thanks to pictures, and a stack of bibs (that I wisely wrote my times onto the back of), I have a pretty good visual of my year (and maybe I will take a visual and share – tomorrow). First though, I want to remember why I started.

It’s Red’s fault. We were on a trail hike in Nov (or maybe Oct?) in our neighborhood and she wanted to jog for part of it. I laughed. Really. And then said sure. It was at least 20-30 steps later that I stopped because I thought she was going to have to throw me over her shoulder to get my lifeless body to the fire station. Red is a cross country runner. She loves it, and she was 15 at the time, so she was actually in shape, too. And there I was, holding her back. So, she’d run ahead, then wait for me or I’d try to run some of the downhill sections (yep, winded quickly on those, too). And then, it happened (if this was Survivor, the background music would be changing dramatically)…my teenage daughter said ‘I wish you were a runner so we could do training runs together’. I may have a crap memory, but I don’t think I will ever forget that moment. It kinda haunted me for a while because I tried running when I was a teen (I’d drive to Marina Del Rey smoking a cigarette, get out and run a couple miles, smoke again and drive home – I was a stupid kid) and that only last about 2 weeks – it was boring and exhausting. Now, my kid wants to spend time with me but I have to run to do it? (I hear the Psycho music in my head, do you?)

I read in More Magazine that Jamie Lee Curtis had done a 5k by training with the Couch25k training app. If she could do it, so could I, especially since I’m a gal that needs directions.

And that (ohmygoshfinallygettingtothepoint) is how my 2013 started. January 1st, on the treadmill, with an app telling me to walk briskly and I think there were a couple times I had to RUN for 30 seconds. As the weeks went on, I’d tell my guy I didn’t think I was going to be able to do the days workout “I have to run 5/8/10 minutes. In a ROW!”. Then I’d come upstairs and my guy would ask “did you win?”. Lo and behold, I was still upright so heck yeah, I did!

I signed up for The Scrambled Egg 5k in Redmond for the end of March. My guy was smiling at the finish line and then said those 3 magic words…”You did it!”. F*** YEAH I did! 32:09. I sent Red a text and although I don’t remember exactly what she said, she was proud of me. Not only did I do it – but in my world, I won! I could barely walk the rest of the day.  Not much of the next one, either.

And here I am, the end of 2013, thirteen races later and I just (this morning) registered for the Seattle Rock/N/Roll Half Marathon on what would have been my mom’s 75th birthday.

For the last night of the year, I even got in a quick (really, I ran fast for ME!) 2 miles in the rain, and it was pretty nice! 20131231-234916.jpg

Quite a difference a year can make!

Last night my guy asked me if I had any Resolutions or Goals for 2014, and after talking it through it with him, I realized… I do!

  1. I’d like to run a 10k in under an hour – I’m ‘only’ 3:37 away, but crap that’s a lot of time.
  2. I’d like to continue to run a race every month, length isn’t important, but I’m leaning more to 10k and longer
  3. I’d like to run a half in at least 2 different states

I probably have more goals, like to avoid injuries, wear a kickass superhero costume or smile more, but I can’t think of more right now.

Right now, I’m thinking of spending this last evening of 2013 with my guy and close friends, reflecting on the great parts of the year, the crappy parts, and… ok, who am I kidding.  We’re gonna be having cocktails, bitching about something, laughing at some sleeze’s outfit and trying not to snort!

Cheers and Happy 2014!!!

Wireless keyboard vs my reading glasses

My guy suggested I use the wireless iPad keyboard, since I’m a much better typer than pad-poker (a new, very technical term). The keyboard is going to be awesome, once my fingers get used to where “delete (aka backspace)” is. Now the big challenge? I’m blind. No, not really, just can’t see a thing without my reding glasses on, and the iPad is juuuuuuust far enough away, that I can’t really see IT with my glasses on. If he’s reading this, I’m reading his mind. He’s saying “You know, they make these things called contact lenses”…yeah yeah yeah.

Yesterday was a “Rest/XT” day. I chose rest vs cross train because I was feeling flat out lazy. I tried to see “Saving Mr Banks” with my daughter (who I affectionately refer to often as “Red” because she’s got a gorgeous head of red, wavy hair and she totally embraces life as a ginger), her boyfriend and his mom. The movie was sold out by the time we got there so we headed back home. And that’s when it happened. I sat on the couch, hit the nifty recline button, and that was how I spent much of the remainder of the day.

Today, however, was a brand new day. We stayed up late last night watching a movie (“White House Down” – highly recommend it, action and comedy) but I made sure to let my guy know that I wanted to hit Body Works at the gym in the morning. It’s an 8:30am class so I like to be up in time for a cup of coffee and snack before going. It was the first Saturday class I’ve gotten to in a long time. I have lots of reasons, but only a few count as an actual excuse, so I’ll leave it at that. Today I DID go though, and Mari kicked my ass. She loves squats. Wide-legged, plie, single-legged, really freaking slow down then pop back up… if there’s a way to torture you with squats, she knows it. And although my calves were screaming bloody murder by the end of class, I loved it. I had a small snack when I got home (leftover prime rib and parmesan potatoes on a salad plate). I still had to go for a run, so I crawled into Red’s bed with her (one word – teenager) and we talked about going for a run together. An hour long nap later, I crawled out, grabbed my Garmin and hit the road. Since it was only a 2 mile easy run, I headed out for the quick loop by my house and was done in no time.

Then I was reminded today was a 3 mile run day. Crap. Oh well, I justified it with myself since I’d done that killer hour class and I’m good.

Tomorrow is a long easy 8 miles, and I’m going to try to talk Red into doing the Lake Youngs loop. Sort of hilly (there’s even a section referred to as ‘the rollercoaster’), but really close to home and a loop so we don’t have to look and the same thing twice.

and so it begins…

Yesterday was Christmas (wahoo!!!) and I was completely spoiled by my husband and kids.  I’ve wanted a GPS watch for a while but I’m pretty fickle and couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted to spend a gazillion dollars on.  I put it on my wish list with a note that said ‘used off Craigslist was just fine’ because what if I hate it?  I did get a used 3rd gen iPad (mine was 1st gen) and a used Garmin Nuvi for my car (which, when I bought it used, had the dock for the gps but no hardware).  Notice a theme?  Yeah, I’m all for used/cheap.  Anyway, for Christmas I got a brandspankingnew Garmin 310XT GPS watch!!! Lucky for me, today was a 7mile day on the training calendar, so I took it for a spin.  My guy suggested a one-way run (not off a bridge though) that ended at Red Robin, and even offered to drop me off and meet me at “the finish”.  Um, OKAY! Not it only did I kick running butt by only stopping at red lights (well, I stopped…and then started again), but I went 8.11 miles total with a 2 min walking warm up, and a short walk in the parking lot to where my handsome guy was waiting with the best thing ever – my water bottle!  Wahoo! Popped a Cherry-Limeaid Nuun tab in there, had the gal at RR fill me up with ice water from the pitcher, then crowed down on a Bacon Guacamole burger with bottomless sweet potato fries.

First 8 miler - must be the Garmin
First 8 miler – must be the Garmin

Spent some quality time with the foam roller once we got home, well, and after I uploaded the data from my Garmin (so COOL!) and have pretty much been a sloth ever since. Tomorrow is a cross training day, or rest.  Hmmmmm……..