Volunteered in 2014, Running in 2015!

Last year 12 members of Red’s XC team ran Ragnar NW Passage, a 200(ish) mile relay race from the Peace Arch at the US/Canadian border, to the Fairgrounds in Langley, WA on Whidbey Island. My guy and I were volunteers and I had a blast! Ever since then, I’ve wanted to do this but wasn’t sure I could handle the miles. The people I know (Sub30 friends) that have done these are total badasses.

Well…this year, I’m runner #4 of Team Pip! Pip! Hooray! and my three legs total 16 (ish) miles. I’ve had some fairly serious back pain for the past month, which luckily doesn’t seem to be toooooooo bad when I run. We will see if I’m still saying that Saturday night though. For now, I’ve got a bunch of Rock Tape on my back thanks to Dr Monti, and am hoping a glass of wine is my ticket to a good nights sleep!