Ragnar NW Passage

Awesome. Not really sure I need to go on. 

This was my post on the Sub30 Club page as I was heading out for my last leg: Day 2 Ragnar NW Passage, leg 26 finishing up, leg 27 is a whopping 2.4 miles then I’m up for 8.1 hilly, partially supported miles. 2.5 hrs sleep, not much food, back and Achilles taped up with Rock Tape. Cross your fingers I don’t let my team down!!! — feeling anxioushungrytiredsorebutf*ckingdetermined. 

I didn’t let them down, even though I had to walk up two long steep hills, I FLEW down the last mile. And no, I couldn’t really walk afterward! 

Sleeping on the gym floor for a few hours was some of the best sleep I had all weekend. The burger and beer I had after each leg was the best food ever. The Blizzard I had on our way home….good, but not what my stomach needed, so I slept. 

Since pictures are worth a thousand words (and I’m writing this 2.5 months post-race)….

For all the great, there were also some bummers:

  • We were Van 1, we rarely saw Van 2 and I missed the full team camaraderie.
  • Food – IF I ever do a relay again, I will pack a small cooler/bag of food for me. We had snacks, but not really stuff I usually snack on, so I was always hungry.
  • Post-run clothes. I had a dress to pull on, which was comfy. Susan had a skirt which looked way easier and less exposure when it was time to change again.
  • Driver/Van – I think having a DD would be better. Poor Mike did most of the driving, and when Emily drove it was late and she was super tired. Not a good mix. Plus, the van organization was a little rough for this OCD gal.
  • Shower wipes – everyone should embrace these. Vans are small.



Author: silverhonore

I'm a mom, wife, runner, knitter, reader and procrastinator. I am fairly fluent in sarcasm, which has gotten me into trouble now and then. I enjoy writing (rambling on, as I'm often reminded), even though I'm most often the only one interested in reading what I have to say. So, to satisfy the writing bug and my latest addiction (running), I've created this for me. My own little universe, where I can blabber on about all the geeky running stuff that I like, goofy photos no one wants to scroll past, and now and then talk about what's happening in my universe in general. If you are reading this, feel free to comment - as long as you're mostly polite, constructive or best of all, just have something nice to say. Cheers!

One thought on “Ragnar NW Passage”

  1. LOL! “Vans are small” Yes they are, but it still sounds like a good time! And yes, resulting on other people’s snack choices can be, dangerous! 🙂 – BryanB

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