Training really works…and it IS work, too!

  The Horse Butte 10 Miler was fantastic! I wrote up a race report for the Sub30 Group (from RW Big Guy Blog) that I’m part of, but forgot to post it. I’ll copy that into its own post, but in a nutshell…heart rate training (HRT) is paying off. I ran my pace (NOT LAST) fairly steady for the whole race, and took over 2 minutes per mile off my pace compared to The Dirty Half. HRT works. Sold.
  And then a week later, there was the Blooms to Brews Half Marathon, which I’d earned a FREE entry to from Gametiime – awesome! Again, another race report I’ll put into its own post. That little lady on the left ran her first half (we finished in 2:34) and the one down in front ran her first half post-foot surgery (and since turning 50) right around the 2hr mark!

April was a monumental month for me and running! Those two races built my confidence back up, and helped me realize just how much I love running longer races/distances. In addition to the races, April 26th was the first official run as part of the Pip Running Marathon/PR Training Group – I have two coaches!!! Training is 24 weeks with two supported runs per week, complete training plan, shoe and nutrition guidance and snacks! Really, there are three supported runs since Ladies night is also a Pip Running event and we have started doing strides at the end of our standard 3mi run.

My guy blew me away when he said I should go for it and sign up for the training group. It’s not cheap and we aren’t rolling in dough, but it was not only an opportunity for me to have ‘running friends’ vs finding motivation for longer and longer runs going solo, but a HUGE selling point was Coach Dave emphasizing running ‘injury free’. You can DO that?

Today’s run was the beginning of week 5. I’ve run Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s for 4 weeks. I’ve run more miles in that time period than ever before – 71.35. My Achilles are not super happy, but I think they are finally grasping that I’m not going to stop. The last two (group) runs I did 90:30 run:walk intervals, and tonight they feel pretty good. Still tight, but good.

I’m still doing Body Works and Mat Pilates each once a week, and don’t want to give those up, but I have to admit – I look forward to Wednesday & Friday a LOT (my only two rest days)! Training is hard. Running with a group means keeping up a lot of the time, though still trying to balance HRT with them. And Coach Susan’s runs are fairly flat, some low frolicking hills. Coach Dave? Just expect to feel the burn in the first mile, minimum. I’ve actually told him I hated him. You can’t cheat yourself when running with a group, either. No turning around when the hill is daunting. And I hear, it’s making me stronger.

I believe that. Physically AND mentally. It’s awesome.

Adding to the fun and excitement around here, my bonus son and his friend are living with us for the summer. These aren’t kids, these are full grown early 20’s men. Oh, and Cooper completes the package. 

Senior Prom was a success, graduation party in two weeks and graduation the weekend after that.  

 It’s crazy busy, and I am seriously loving every.single.minute! 

Soon, I will have to decide if I’m going to run a mar… a mara… really long race.



What’s the longest race you’ve done? Half Marathon – done 7 so far.

Do you have kids at home? Almost an empty-nester – not sure how I will deal with that!

Have you ever worked with a trainer or coach? Other than school sports, this is pretty much all new to me!

Author: silverhonore

I'm a mom, wife, runner, knitter, reader and procrastinator. I am fairly fluent in sarcasm, which has gotten me into trouble now and then. I enjoy writing (rambling on, as I'm often reminded), even though I'm most often the only one interested in reading what I have to say. So, to satisfy the writing bug and my latest addiction (running), I've created this for me. My own little universe, where I can blabber on about all the geeky running stuff that I like, goofy photos no one wants to scroll past, and now and then talk about what's happening in my universe in general. If you are reading this, feel free to comment - as long as you're mostly polite, constructive or best of all, just have something nice to say. Cheers!

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