One week away…

Horse Butte 10 Miler is a week away from today. I’m trying not to think about it. Trying not to over think it. The distance doesn’t worry me any more. 2 years ago 10k scared me, now 10 miles doesn’t even make my pulse speed up. Elevation? Yeah…. completely different story. THAT scares the shit out of me. Which, if I think about it, is bad because since it does make my heart race I need to not think about it so my poor little ticker doesn’t decide to quit before the finish line!

Yep…over thinking. I read here today that not expelling enough CO2 can make it hard to catch your breath. Exhaling longer and slower helps. So, um, try not to hyperventilate? Got it. Sound advice. Last year at the Dirty Half (also in Bend), I was out of breath by the end of the first mile and never felt like I caught back up to it until after I had a beer in my shaky hand. 

 I’ve been running on this trail a few times since I got my trail shoes and can say wholeheartedly that I LOVE running here (about .3 miles from my house). It’s hilly, and I’m sweaty and out of breath when I get to the top of some of those hills, but then I get to run downhill like a kid who doesn’t know they could trip and break a hip and my heart rate is back to a reasonable tempo in no time. I hope by trying to be a bit more physically ready for this run (hills at least) that I don’t choke. At least there’s beer and hot dogs at the finish.

A few hours later, my youngest niece will be baptized. I’ve been asked to be her sponsor, along with my sister.  It’s similar to the Catholic “God Mother” which I am familiar with. I can’t quite explain how honored I am. My brother is truly one of my most favorite people (person? wth, don’t judge, sounds right in my head which isn’t always the case!) in the whole world. To be asked this is humbling. My God Mother is my Aunt Helen (she is THE most beautiful Aunt in my world). I hope I am never needed to ‘step in’ to the role, and yet hopefully this little girl will grow up thinking I’m at least halfway as awesome and beautiful as my God Mother. 

 My beautiful Aunt & my handsome guy, coincidently, taken in Bend.

Please, don’t let me suck at either task that day.

– h

Do you like hills? I didn’t used to, but I am starting to love the variety of terrain and how I seem to use even more muscles than I thought I had!

Do you have God Parents or something similar? God Mother (above) & God Father, but I haven’t seen or spoken to my GF in over 10 years (we were never close, I’ve seen him maybe 10 times in my life).

How far have you driven for a race? Evidently, I will drive ridiculous miles. Bend is about 325 miles away. I’ve flew to Vegas for the RnR Half last November (with my brother & SIL).

Featured image from Superfit Productions – wanna join me? A few spots still available!

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