Going backward was not the plan…

Last weekend was the Rock’N’Roll Portland Half Marathon. I knew going into it that I was not trying to PR, and my goal time was around 2:30 because I had a tight hamstring/IT band thing happening in my left leg. No problem, my corral was with the 2:30 pace group so I was set. Until mile 7, the Hawthorne Hill, and that moment when the pace group passed me and stole my mojo along with it. I finished in 2:39 and after a bath, a shower and then a nap, headed for home and actually felt pretty decent.

I finished my first half in 2:17, my second in 2:30. At this rate, I should be hitting the three hour mark pretty soon – and that wasn’t really my goal!

The weekend before RnRPDX I did the Run Like A Mother 5k with Red. We ran it together last year and I felt much more prepared this year. Until the route changed, several hills, a potty stop (the line was super long before we lined up and I knew there was a bathroom just past mile 1), and it was warm and sunny (60°). Finish time was about the same as last year – but still fun. And there we medals!

So that brings me to yesterday and the Emerald City 10k & 15k and this dumbass that signed up for the 15k the weekend after the half. I finished, my knee didn’t really hurt although my hamstrings need some time with the foam roller and a yoga video or five. My hips want a recurring date with the pool to see if that will help (I can only swim breast stroke so those froggy moves should work). And it appears that my right heel pain, that I’m in constant denial over, might possibly be Achilles related. Not. Good. Crap finish time of 1:48. 8 mins slower than the Hot Chocolate 15k which had serious hills.

I go back and forth between feeling like a complete loser because my times should be getting better not worse, and then reminding me that this only happens when you follow the training schedule and don’t run so many freaking races so close together. And my guy reminds me that ‘I DID IT’, which is still a huge accomplishment. However, I still think I’m a Dumb Ass. In fact, maybe I’ll get that put on my shirt for my next half. In two weeks. At almost 3800′ elev, with over 1000′ elev gain (Im at about 400′ above sea level most of the time). Or maybe I will just print my emergency contact info on my shirt on big letters for the paramedics. I can save the Dumb Ass idea for RnR Seattle…two weeks later. Then I’m done. I’m purposefully taking a break and getting myself all healed up. I’m still going to do a ran a month, but they will be shorter for a while, and I’m going to pick a training plan and follow it.

Then I’ll train for RnR Vegas in November when I’m going to run the strip at night with my brother and his wife. In costume. And hopefully in decent time! I’m not going backward forever.

Are you an injured runner? Ever have a plan that you don’t follow and forget you can’t blame the plan for failing? How do you motivate yourself when the going gets super, freaking tough?

I’m grabbing a bag of frozen peas…

Author: silverhonore

I'm a mom, wife, runner, knitter, reader and procrastinator. I am fairly fluent in sarcasm, which has gotten me into trouble now and then. I enjoy writing (rambling on, as I'm often reminded), even though I'm most often the only one interested in reading what I have to say. So, to satisfy the writing bug and my latest addiction (running), I've created this for me. My own little universe, where I can blabber on about all the geeky running stuff that I like, goofy photos no one wants to scroll past, and now and then talk about what's happening in my universe in general. If you are reading this, feel free to comment - as long as you're mostly polite, constructive or best of all, just have something nice to say. Cheers!

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